We produce custom soundtracks for fashion shows, hair shows and rock shows to name just a few. It’s possible to compose and produce an original piece for your show or make a mix of existing songs. Or a combination of both. We can arrange for a singer or a string quartet, live bass or a horns section. Everything is possible, depending on time, resources and budget.
Here’s a selection of our previous work.

Saskia ter Welle
Composition and production of music for Fashion show @ Amsterdam Fashion Week 2017.

Giro d’Italia
Showmusic for a fashion show during the Giro d’Italia in Arnhem, 2016. Consists mostly of existing songs with two original pieces mixed in there.

Memphis Maniacs
Composition and production of several show intro tunes.

Mix of existing, raw urban tracks for fashion show during Paaspop 2015.

Agnes Westerman
Composition and production of music and visuals (3D mapping) for “Hairdresser of the year” show in 2014 @ Coiffure Awards.

Custom music produced for 4 fashion designers with each their own track, blended together into one mix.

Elsien Gringhuis
Mix for a fashion show by Elsien Gringhuis in 2014.

Music for a fashion show by Irvinx in 2013.