Artists & Brands

Sterk Water Studio is ideally equipped to record smaller bands and formations. We specialise in delivering a professionally produced and mixed song. We also provide the option of additional production such as sampling, synths and programming. Due to our extensive background in electronic music we are capable of transforming a basic “piano and vocals” song into a full fledged pop-production or underground house track. Depending on your wishes, anything is possible!
Furthermore, we can provide your brand with an audio identity in the form of a song, theme or jingle. Or compose the soundtrack to your movie or promotional film.
These are some of our best works:

Hills & Hamid
Recording and production of six track EP “Navai” for roots duo Hills & Hamid.

Memphis Maniacs
Recording and production of song “Happy Sharona”.

Lex Schmeetz
Composition and production of music for short film “Game Over” by Lex Schmeetz.

De Enge Buren
Recording and production of album “Ik Wil Alles“.

Remix of song “Holiday”.

John Frost
Composition, recording and production of several tracks for soul/hip-hop formation John Frost.

Production of theme song for fashion label Eks’kwizit. Used in this promotional video which was also filmed and edited by us.

Composition and production of music and sound fx for promotional film.